Sparta Systems, Inc.

Companies across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries need to protect their brands and reputations by delivering safe, effective, high quality products to the global market. With the pharma ecosystem shifting towards increased reliance on third party suppliers, manufacturers and service providers, companies are no longer confined within their own four walls; the enterprise must manage communication throughout an interwoven network of suppliers and distributors that can each contribute to quality events. While companies look to outsourcing as a means to cut costs, contracting third parties often results in an increase in hidden costs.

Deploying an enterprise quality management system is the proven solution for managing product quality, process efficiency and supplier quality related costs. A true enterprise quality management system has the inherent ability to harmonize all quality processes from each functional area, across all regions, and throughout the critical supplier network, providing the necessary visibility and transparency to quality issues and global trends.

During the hour you will learn how to address the various dimensions of quality within one system and the benefits of using an enterprise system to manage quality across internal sites and the third party landscape.